Defining the Product
  • Set the vision and produce the brief
  • Identify target markets and customers
  • Conceptualise product, brand, master-plan & infrastructure
  • Produce the commercial model
  • Optimise programme and capital efficiency
  • Identify, manage and mitigate development risk
  • Third party consultation and lobbying
  • Achieve viable statutory consent
  • Own the programme and budgets
  • Manage legal documentation and dispute avoidance
  • Overall project leadership


Delivering the Product
  • Appoint and manage the professional team
  • Lead the design and construction process
  • Initialise and maintain project discipline and reporting
  • Identify, manage and mitigate construction risk
  • Manage change control and decisions
  • Manage cost, time, quality and value
  • Value engineering and profit enhancement
  • Define and deliver the procurement strategy
  • Review and monitor health and safety
  • Optimise use of resources


Sourcing the Product
  • Position product & optimising financial structure
  • Present product to attract investment
  • Assist in securing 3rd party equity and debt funding
  • Manage of the investment strategy & delivery
  • Report for drawdowns/exits strategy


Enhancing the Product
  • Financial management, monitoring performance & report
  • Manage accounts and cash
  • Audit and tax compliance
  • Rents reviews, lease renewals and breaks
  • Identify opportunities for repositioning and adding value
  • Reversionary interest strategy and management